9 Things To Say During A Fight


1. “You don’t have to solve this — it helps me just to talk to you.”

It’s a good answer to any type of complaint. It’s a non-confrontational way to let someone know that you need an attentive ear, not an opposite opinion.

Plus, it’s also an unexpected disguised compliment.

2. “Please try to understand my point of view.”

Empathy is one of the first things to come out of the window during an argument. The more allegations are made, the more the two parties tighten up.

Try this simple prompt at the beginning of the discussion to make sure that you are addressing the problem with each other’s feelings.

3. “This is important to me. Please listen.”

You may think that listening is a function inherent in any argument, but most of the time, we are too busy calculating what to say next to really pay attention to our partner’s words.

Use this enlightenment call and wait a few seconds before mentioning the key points you want to convey. It is an important communication skill that you can develop together.

4. “I can see my part in this.”

The quickest way to reach an uncomfortable stalemate without solution is to throw the blame on one side. Yeah, you may think it’s justified, but nobody likes to be chosen as the only problem.

Admitting your role in this, however minimal, can help create a “Nuh-Uh!” Aggressive. Refutation.

5. “We’re getting off the subject.”

They start discussing the dishes in the sink, and suddenly it becomes difficult to know who forgot to refuel even in healthy relationships.

An argument can quickly turn into a long list of complaints after evils. Use this expression to bring the conversation back to the main problem now.

6. “What are we really fighting about?”

Small tiffs can mask a more serious problem, especially if they happen frequently and they reverse the same problem.

Rather than fighting each incident until the end, you should work with your partner to determine what could trigger the trend. This sentence can be followed by the following point.

7. “This isn’t just your problem, it’s our problem.”

This statement may change the fighting dynamics of you against them to you against this problem.


8. “Let’s take a break for a few minutes.”

How many hurtful things did you say when emotions exceeded the general consideration? When you feel the need to say something, just to inflict pain, the best precaution is to plan a break.

Disconnect, clarify your thoughts and maybe sleep on it. You will be surprised how quickly problems can disappear. It is important to cultivate love in a relationship and to ensure that your anger does not become a tool to hurt you.

9. “I love you.”

Nothing is better than this ultimate declaration of love.

As difficult as it may be to utter these three little words during a verbal gossip, they immediately recall the fundamental link that you share.