8 Signs That Your Relationship Is Worth Keeping


Do you think your relationship has grown stale? Are your friends single, and you feel like you’re missing out on something when they go out to bars and you’re left at home? If you’re truly unhappy, you might be better off ending things. But just in case you’re only swept up in temporary emotions – here are eight signs that your relationship is worth keeping.

1. Your partner is one of your favorite people.

It does not have to be love or romance that maintains a relationship. If you love someone you really love and admire, it can be the best assurance that you really are with the right person. For example, ask yourself: If you were to write the top five people in your life, would you put your other person on the list? If your answer is yes, you know it’s worth fighting.

2. You have fun.

You know that you are with the right person if you never get bored when you are together. This is perhaps the most unnoticed sign that you value your partner not only as a lover, but also as a companion. Do not forget this feeling and if you sometimes feel that a break is the only option you have left, imagine the good times you shared and how you would never live again.

3. You’re both communicating.

As you become more familiar with your partner, you may stop transmitting information, as long as he or she knows everything about you or does not have time to tell you what happened. during your work day. Communication is one of the most important parts of a relationship. If you and your partner always communicate with each other and always share daily events, hopes and dreams, continue the effort that requires a strong relationship.

4. You can be yourself.

Compromises are important in many areas of life, including relationships. But when it comes to abandoning elements of oneself, to please a partner or to maintain a relationship, I think it is healthier to assert oneself. The best (and often tedious) relationships are those in which both parties can easily be themselves without trial or fear of being judged, mocked or forced to change. We all know when we are wrong. It is therefore for us to first see why we are falsified, and then to decide whether our true self in the relationship will flourish in the same way that we seem to feel our false will.

5. You’re able to grow together.

You know that you have good relations when you have helped each other to get the best versions of yourself. This special type of camaraderie can survive any storm or obstacle if you both do your part and you go to the trouble of finding the best, even in the worst situations.

6. No mind games.

Especially in the field of romantic relationships, many people love the thrill and uncertainty associated with attempting comparison. Nevertheless, the most valuable relationships are those where there are no more games of reflection. They both know who the other is, love them because they are, and you can be comfortable with no unnecessary chatter.

7. You don’t want to be without them.

To be honest, I thought about leaving my partner for more than six years. These thoughts emerged during particularly dark and troubled phases associated with negative emotions such as mistrust, paranoia, dissatisfaction, irritation, etc. However, these feelings are removed every time I imagine my life without him. Despite the sporadic difficulties that arise, I compare my life before her meeting with the one she now occupies.

Honestly, I can say that even though we have our differences and we struggle from time to time, life with him is so much better. Nothing can overshadow the laughter, the good times, the joy and the love we share. If you feel the same way with your partner, you know it’s worth fighting to get it.

8. You still get butterflies.

Sometimes kissing and kissing is a commitment, something you do on the way out the door. It’s understandable because our lives are busy. But take your time together. Steal a moment and share a soft kiss without a clock. Do you still have butterflies in your stomach? Do you have goose bumps? This is a good sign that you are always passionately invested in your relationship.