6 indicators that your woman respects you in a relationship

In every relationship, respect goes both ways and it’s always needed to sustain a relationship.

When you are in a romantic relationship with a woman, some pointers will let you know whether she respects you in the relationship; here are some of them:

1. Respect your values and your belief:

When you are in a relationship, you should respect your partner’s individuality. They will always have thoughts and beliefs that don’t align with yours and that shouldn’t cause a disaster. She shouldn’t condemn your beliefs or make you always compromise your values if she respects you.

2. She’s honest and trustworthy:

If a woman respects you she will be honest and transparent. There’s nothing worse than being with someone that isn’t honest and you can’t trust them. Without trust, a relationship can hardly stand.

3. A respectful woman defends you:

Sometimes love makes you blind to all your partner’s flaws not so healthy. A woman who respects you won’t join other people to cajole you or talk bad about you, she defends you and doesn’t let anyone talk bad about you.

4. A respectful woman doesn’t infringe on your boundaries:

A respectful woman will respect your limits and don’t try to coerce you into crossing them or comprising them. They understand you and respect the boundaries you set up for yourself.

4. She considers your needs:

When you are in love with someone, you care about them and often avoid doing things that will discomfort them. She cares about your happiness and often tries to make your day better.

5. A woman that respects you communicates and listens to you:

Most people don’t want you to solve their problems, they just want an ear that will listen to them. A woman that respects you will build better communication with you and will be able to discuss anything with you, a great and enviable connection where you don’t have to hide from each other. It shows respect and trust.

6. She never takes out her frustration on you:

A respectful woman doesn’t take out her anger or frustration on her man.

A disrespectful partner makes a relationship unbearable and tiring. These indicators should tell if your woman is respectful or not.