6 Behaviors that Push People Away


We are all human and tend to be in a bad mood here and there. However, before adopting your approach, you should control yourself and do your best to improve your behavior. Here are the top six toxic behaviors that keep people away.

1. Selfishness

Selfishness is often perceived by others long before your behavior is selfish. Being a bit selfish to keep a person who is important to you in life is one thing, but making selfish decisions regardless of the person close to you is definitely expressing that person. Being selfish leads people in your environment to feel that they do not matter. If you only care about yourself, you do not have to worry as much as you say. If your friend or partner feels that your thoughts or opinions do not concern you, you have no reason to act.

2. Envy

Do not let the envy (or jealousy) get the better of you. Envy is the art of counting the blessing of another rather than one’s own. This behavior is not attractive or admirable. So stop comparing your trip with everyone. Your journey is your journey, NO competition. You are competing with one person and one person – you are competing to be the best you can. If you want to measure your progress, compare yourself with who you were yesterday.

3. Victimize

Acting as the victim is one of those toxic behaviors that keep people away. This can happen when we feel that all the problems concern us. This will only hurt your personal development.

4. Cruelty

One of the most toxic and harmful behaviors – cruelty – is the total lack of empathy, worry or compassion for others. We see it online every day and in the media – people are terribly cruel and destructive to others just because they can. They demolish people online, but loosely, and use their anonymity as a weapon. The cruelty, back pain and tears of a person are toxic and hurt you, as well as your target.

I had a solid learning experience a few years ago. One day, I entered the house with an uncomfortable mood and made a bitter comment to my husband, explaining how a neighbor raises his child during one of his problematic phases. In less than 24 hours, the same problem with the parents came home with my child. It was as if the universe sent me the message: “Ah, if you want to be cruel and humiliating about someone, we will offer you the same experience that you considered negative, so that you can learn a little of compassion. ” I did.

5. Perfectionism

We are not perfect and that makes us human. The pain resulting from the recognition of our defects is the power necessary to reach this point. Although there are people who have no problem getting advice, the weakness of others is that they are unable to do so.

By refusing to accept criticism, you not only prevent your potential for improvement as a person, but you can also make people feel involuntarily forced to run on eggshells. Overall, the success of any type of relationship depends on communication skills and your willingness to accept both positive and negative feedback will reinforce yours.

6. Chronic Complaining

People who complain constantly deprive themselves of joy. If you fill up with negative energy and surround the environment, you can choose, but most do not want to deal with this kind of negativity. They only kill them and ruin their day. The groans and lamentations that life is not fair will not make others be near you. You’re probably going the other way when they see you coming!



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