5 Things Women Who Are Unloved As Children Carry Into Relationships


1. She doesn’t know how to let go.

Letting go is something that she has to struggle with. She keeps things and people longer than she should and gives them the benefit of doubting when she should not be. For this reason, it is in many toxic situations.

2. She struggles to trust.

She may want to trust those who care for her, but it takes a long time to correct her. The people they trust do not always maintain that confidence and are falling apart more and more each time. She is aware that the only person she really should rely on is herself.

3. She struggles with boundaries.

Either it lets people cross their own borders, or it struggles with the limits of others. It’s like someone pushing, giving in, and it was not good at all. She just does not know how to reinforce her own limits.

4. She hides her emotional/vulnerable side.

It does not show people their emotional side, it hides their vulnerability and excludes people who want to show their love. She is not ready to open up to people and to be close to them, whatever their efforts. It takes a lot more than what should be to bring them to life with their peers.

5. She doubts herself.

She does not know as well as she should feel. She still has doubts about whether she is worth loving or even happy. The more successful she is, the less she thinks she should experience it.










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