2 challenges are harder than they look – are you smart enough to solve?

Find the 3/4 symbol!

Neither challenge should be too easy. It’s important to have an eye for details if you are to solve them – and most friends whom I have tested with these puzzles have failed.

It should warn you, to solve them, they only were given 5 seconds on the first and 10 seconds on the second, but both tests can be solved with ease if you have more time, so the time limit is a vital part of the challenge.

In the first picture, look for the “3/4” character, which means 75% of something. It’s hiding among all the “1/4” characters!

Can you find it in less than 5 seconds?

Did you find the “3/4” symbol?

I think it was more difficult than expected, so if you found the solution, you’ve done great! Good job!

Otherwise, we will now reveal where the sign is!




In the picture below we have marked the “3/4” in red!

How Many Q’s Are There? Only A Few Can See The Exact Amount

I discovered this puzzle yesterday (below). I tested it on 3 of my coworkers – and none of them got it right for the first time. So I thought it may be fun to share it with you!

It’s a mystery that challenges the mind and your eyes! It’s important to concentrate and give it your very best shot!

How many Q’s can you see in this picture?

(Remember, you only have 10 seconds to attempt and find them all)

Now make sure you decide on a number!

How many Q’s did you find?

I hope you didn’t take longer than 10 seconds as it gets much easier if you do it with no time pressure!





Below, you can see where all Q’s are:

There are 9 Q’s!

Did you find over 5? You did a fantastic job then!