15 Things You Shouldn’t Chase In Life


1. You should never chase money.

Let’s not pretend that money doesn’t play an important role in the everyday lives of ordinary people because it does. Despite this, there is almost certainly too much of a focus on the accumulation of ever greater amounts of it.

We constantly strive for more wealth because we believe it will solve all our problems. The truth is, once you get past a certain level of income or money in the bank, the benefit you feel from each additional dollar is minimal.

2. You should never chase ‘fame.’

Alas, fame is rarely all it’s cracked up to be. It certainly doesn’t guarantee wealth, success, or happiness. Conversely, fame often backfires on those who attain it, with personal problems not uncommon among the famous.

3. You should never chase perfection.

It’s far better to seek improvement within practical limits; setting realistic visions of what you can achieve.

4. You should never chase youth.

The arrow of time points forward away from birth and towards death. As gloomy as this may be, it is the truth. So with the passing of each day, month, and year, you should not yearn for what has come before.

5. You should never chase approval.

To have a constant need for approval puts your happiness in the hands of other people; if it is withheld, your mood suffers. Never rely on the agreement and support of third parties; this is your life, so live it how you want to.

6. You should never chase security.

You have to create your own sense of security if you truly want it. You cannot just go out and find someone who will force your life to fit into some perfect bubble. Being secure and chasing security are very interesting things, they do not go hand in hand.

7. You should never chase happiness.

Happiness may come naturally at times, but it may be utterly absent at others. You cannot and should not try to force it into your life, for it will not be forthcoming if you do. It can only spring from life itself.

8. You should never chase friends and family who walk away.

If someone has chosen to walk out of your life, let them. Those who choose to walk away are battling their own things and moving forth in their own ways. You have your life to live and they have theirs.

9. You should never chase love.

When you’re ready for love it will find you.

10. You should never chase the things you are not.

Don’t fall into the trap of trying to be someone you are not. You are already more than enough and changing is not necessary. Just be the best possible version of yourself and see where that gets you.



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