14 Ways to Clean Your Home with Lemons without Bleach

Lemon is not just a delightful ingredient in pies; it’s also a fantastic, eco-friendly, and budget-friendly cleaning agent for your home. Here are 14 ways you can use lemon for cleaning, instead of bleach:

Revitalize Leather: Mix whipped egg white with lemon juice and apply to a leather sofa to refresh its look. Follow up with a cosmetic cream to moisturize the leather.

Deodorize and Clean Plastic Boxes: Eliminate odors and stains, like from tomato sauce, in plastic boxes by scrubbing with a mixture of lemon juice and baking soda, and leaving it in the sun if possible.

Unclog Pipes: Combine two-thirds lemon juice with one-third baking soda for a natural pipe cleaning solution.

Clean Tile Joints: Lemon juice can brighten and clean bathroom and kitchen tile joints.

Disinfect Cutting Boards: Rub a lemon with a pinch of salt on cutting boards to clean and disinfect them.

Whiten Laundry: Add lemon juice to your laundry rinse to brighten whites. For enhanced effect, pre-soak laundry in cold water with lemon juice and baking soda.

Clean Oven Interiors: Scrub the inside of your oven with a sponge soaked in lemon juice and hot water.

Remove Rust: Apply a mix of water, salt, and lemon juice to rust stains on fabric, or lemon juice directly to oxidized silverware or steel.

Shine Wooden Furniture: A mixture of two-thirds olive oil and one-third lemon juice can restore shine to wooden furniture.

Clean Barbecue Grills: Sprinkle coarse salt and rub with lemon to clean grills.

Wash Windows: Spray a solution of lemon juice, white vinegar, and hot water on windows for a natural clean.

Repel Insects: Place lemon peels or use essential oils to deter ants, moths, and mosquitoes. Rubbing lemon zest on the skin can also repel mosquitoes.

Revive Sponges: Soak a dirty sponge overnight in lemon juice and hot water to clean and rejuvenate it.

Polish Copper: Maintain the color of copper objects using lemon juice.

These lemon-based solutions provide a natural and effective way to keep your home clean and fresh!