10 Signs The Two Of You Are Meant To Be Together

1. You consider him as your secret-keeper:

He knows all your secrets and you are sure to share them with him. You do it because you trust him more than anyone in the world. This trust is one of the essential elements of a lasting relationship.

2. You don’t want him to change:

You love him and respect him as he is. You do not want him to change. You may not like some things, but you love him for the person he is.

3.You are comfortable by being yourself in front of him:

You can be yourself when he is there. You do not pretend to be afraid to do something that might discourage him. This is because he too has accepted you in what you are.

4. You communicate through silences:

You do not have to talk all the time. You can simply sit together and do your own work while enjoying each other’s company. This indicates the strong connection you have.

5. You are always honest with him:

You have probably made mistakes and done things that he may not like. But you are not afraid to tell him. He also appreciated your honesty and did not leave you.

6. You don’t feel suffocated because he gives you the space you need:

He also gives you space in the way you give him. You do not feel that he has too much ownership or control over you. This sense of comfort and stability is one of the keys to a lasting relationship.

7.You are not scared to disagree with him:

The two of you respect each other’s opinion. You are not afraid to disagree with him because you know that this is only part of life and that he will accept you and understand you. It will never be a reason to fight.

8. You always sort out the differences you have:

You know that it’s good to have differences and you work together to not fight. You always try to find a solution to the problems instead of harping on them. This harmony gives stability to your relationship.

9. You can visualize a future with him:

If you are both planning for the future, always include each other. You can not imagine a future without him.

10. You are still together after fights and misunderstandings:

Fights and misunderstandings are common in all relationships. What matters is how to manage them. You have often fought and misunderstood many times, but at the end of the day you sorted them and stayed together. This made your bonding stronger.