10 Confessions From Real Men About Why Their Relationships Failed


Why do relationships fail? How is it possible for two people to fall in love and then just end up breaking off whatever relationship they had? Well, it can really vary. All relationships are unique after all and that means that all breakups are going to be unique as well. We are all individual human beings who carry very distinct personalities that we carry with us into our relationships as well. And as a result, no two relationships are ever the same and so it can be difficult to pinpoint a general reason as to why couples break up.

But just to satiate your curiosities a little bit, you could refer to this list of real-life reasons as to why relationships end as confessed by men.

1. She spent more time looking at her phone than at him.

2. They weren’t able to develop a rhythm in the bedroom.

3. Her mom decided to start living with them as well.

4. He ended up having to financially support her siblings.

5. She expected him to solve all of her problems for her.

6. She kept on trying to change him to be another person for her.

7. She got a little too friendly with his best friend.

8. She never supported his dreams if it meant she had to make compromises in the process.

9. She never made him feel like anything he did could ever be good enough for her.

10. They were fit to be in a relationship, but they weren’t fit to have children together.